Sparring Bioconsult


Paul Parren founded Sparring Bioconsult B.V. in November of 2017. Sparring Bioconsult provides consulting services in the field of medical biotechnology with a focus on research and pre-clinical development of antibody technologies and therapeutics.

As a strong industry leader with an inquisitive scientific mind, Paul is passionate about innovating the antibody field and translating science into novel therapies for human diseases. Contact Paul to find out how Sparring Bioconsult BV may help your organization with your preclinical development and research questions on the road from target and lead identification to development.

The route from product idea to clinical development of antibody therapeutics involves many critical choices with a strong impact on the chances for success (Figure from Schuurman and Parren, Mind the gap, Methods 65:1-4 (2014))